Comparison of WP Expert CARE Services

The Hard Way (without WP Expert)

  • Check your website regularly
  • Verify your plugins & themes compatibility
  • Do a backup
  • Check the backup
  • Do the upgrades
  • Verify your site
  • Do another backup after updates
  • Double check the backup
  • Check your website
  • Test basic functionalities
  • Start to relax?

The EASY Way (with WP Expert)

  • Sign-up with us
  • Give us access
  • Relax.

Fred has been an absolute hero.  We were having some significant challenges with our website, and Fred swooped in and rescued our site, just in time for an important deadline.  He’s very knowledgeable, generous and exceedingly flexible.  I would recommend Fred very highly.

Mena Gainpaulsingh

CEO, Purposeful Fundraising